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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Coverage?
Coverage is an integrated aerial security system that provides visual confirmation and reaction to security infringements. It is an integrated system which utilises a security surveillance drone (Rapider 4), a drone docking and charging station (Recover) and a command centre (Plex).
2What can coverage do?
Coverage can perform various functions for different applications. Coverage can provide quick visual confirmation to security threats and safety hazards or perform aerial monitoring of large areas to provide ground personnel with sufficient information prior to reaction.
3 Can Coverage operate in low light/night conditions?
The Rapider 4 drone has a 20x IR laser illuminator that can see up to a distance of 500m at night that allows for night surveillance. Other more power payload can be provided upon request.
4How big is coverage?
The RECOVER docking station that houses the Rapider 4 drone takes up an area of 2m x 2m.
5What are the applicable industries?
Coverage can be applied in various industries such as military, law enforcements, first responders, infrastructure, logistics and agriculture. These are some of the current applications of the Coverage system.
6How long can the coverage drone fly?
The Rapider 4 drone has a total flight time of up to 40 minutes depending on payload configuration. Contact us for more details.
7 What is the effective area of coverage?
The effective area of Coverage depends on user requirements. Factors such as response time, flight profile, altitude and duration of monitoring would influence the size of the effective area.
8How is coverage powered?
Coverage can be powered by any AC power source.
9 How much is coverage?
Contact us to receive a quotation.
10How fast can coverage be deployed?
When triggered to deploy, the Rapider 4 drone will be in the air in 30 seconds.

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