First Responder

COVERAGE is a versatile onsite emergency response tool that provides First Responders with the information they need to make critical decisions decisively without the risks

COVERAGE allows for a rapid response drone system for Military Applications that provides real-time sensing for the detection and monitoring of external threats from the sea, such as intruders and aggressors

Military Secuirty

Logistics Security

COVERAGE couples Advanced Computer Vision and Machine Learning Algorithms to Detect, Categorise and Archive inventory efficiently as part of a streamlined supply chain for Localised Aerial Logistics

COVERAGE provides a Complete Force-Multiplier Solution for Urban Law Enforcement by creating an Autonomous Aerial Network of Dynamic Surveillance Sensors to monitor any situation

Law Enforcement

Agriculture Security

COVERAGE provides a system that allows for end-to-end Crop Monitoring and Crop Maintenance to keep users up to date with the status of their assets, and take immediate aerial action in the shortest amount of time if required

COVERAGE creates a mesh of docking stations allowing for the timely acquisition of infrastructural data, such as the Inspection of Pipes and Buildings without the need for extensive on-site preparation

Infrastructure Security

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